We’re evolving! Welcoming Tanya, Upside Brand Manager

We’re evolving! Welcoming Tanya, Upside Brand Manager
(headshot by Lindsay Skeans)

We’re excited to announce that the upside is growing! With this evolution we welcome Tanya Puka, branding ace and founder of a Calgary cult consignment shop Fond Boutique. We’ve decided to join forces with shared ambitions of elevating the industry, empowering women in their pursuit of fashion that drives a better sense of self and style, and a love for beautiful, hard to come by pieces.

Get to know more about this transition and Tanya below and look forward to seeing her around!

(shot by Vian Esterhuizen)

So, the burning question – what are you most excited about with this new venture? Starting my company was about defining a creative outlet and creating what I wanted to experience in Calgary. the upside was gaining traction around the same time and  likely sensing a similar need – we’ve always seemed aligned with our vision. When Lauryn and I met, there was undeniable synergy! The upside has made it possible for women across Canada to access fabulous finds in one, trusted place. Their customer experience is seamless, their products are beautiful and well curated, and the team is jam packed full of wonderful, brilliant people – I’m excited about sharing a vision and going big with it! I’ll be supporting this trajectory by helping to share the upside’s bold brand story.

“…shopping consignment with the upside will provide an elevated, accessible way for women to buy better, hopefully sparking a shift to favouring ‘one of a kind'”

Why is this work important to you? We’re seeing a wasteful cycle in retail with an excess of poor quality and purchasing behaviour meant to fulfill happiness, but rather this acts as a quick, disposable fix. I’m hoping that shopping consignment with the upside will provide an elevated, accessible way for women to buy better, hopefully sparking a shift to favouring ‘one of a kind’. In turn this will remind consumers to invest in pieces that retain their value, perpetuating a more fulfilling, sustainable cycle.

What inspires/drives you now? I think overall the runway for trying new things and evolving is what inspires me in my work. On a very fundamental level, the excitement someone expresses after they’ve found a great piece is so rewarding.

How about your most prized consignment find:I found a perfect pair of Christian Louboutin espadrilles in LA at a steal and an authentic Led Zeppelin merch T in the aisles of Value Village. The best of both worlds!

Style statement: “Classic, tomboy with a touch of boho + pompom. I’m always reinventing and trying new things out – that’s the fun!”

What is your most coveted piece in the shop right now? I’m eyeing up the Balenciaga Bazar Shopping Tote! This is the tough part of our work, saying no…

Finally, pass on advice that has impacted you along the way: I’ll leave you with a cheesey-good quote that says it all “Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” ― Vivian Greene

(shot by Vanessa DeZutter , models by The Nobles Management & The People Management, styling by Tanya)

So, what does this mean for Tanya’s role with the upside? Tanya will spearhead the upside brand positioning and with this, drawing inspiration from her casual, contemporary lens the upside will introduce sister line ‘streetside.’ Showcasing a collection of street-wear and atheisure with cult labels like Nike, Adidas, Levis, and Doc Martins and essential staples like rag and bone, all saints, IRO, Opening Ceremony and more – shopable online SOON.

Make sure to follow @shopstreetside to watch this street style brand unfold & stay tuned for more updates from the upside.