About the upside


the upside is Canada’s leading online designer reseller, providing the widest selection of over 200+ designer brands. We offer a platform for conscious consumers with a focus on quality labels in New or ‘like-new’ condition and current styles at a fraction of the retail price. We curate a selection of coveted high-designers, including Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Hermes and Prada, as well as contemporary labels such as A.L.C, Smythe, Alice + Olivia, Rag & Bone etc.

We offer a white-glove, seamless selling experience for sellers and a competitive commission structure. We make reselling simple by providing complimentary home pick-up (in Calgary & Toronto) or FREE shipping from anywhere else in Canada. You can get started right away HERE

Our purpose is to empower our community by redefining the lifecycle of designer pieces by subscribing to a sustainable, circular economy. Cultivating a seamless, rewarding customer experience with every connection.

It’s all upside!

Our Model

A Circular Economy

A Circular Economy is moving away from the industrial model founded on the linear philosophy of “take, make and dispose.” This circular theory aims to redefine economic progress with a focus on the society-wide benefits of decreasing consumption, specifically of finite resources often used to make clothing, textile waste, and by lengthening the lifespan of materials already in cycle.

Quality Over Quantity

Specific selection ensures our collection of luxury items have been created with craftsmanship and quality materials by the hands of experts, to withstand the test of time. the upside aims to empower by communicating the benefits of buying better quality over quantity and educating on the true retention value of style.

Collective Rewards

By engaging as a Seller, Buyer or ideally, BOTH! You become part of a network where rewarding connections are made and designer pieces have a second, third or fourth life. You can shop with your credits anytime at checkout.

Our Founders

Lauryn Vaughn
Founder / Consignor Relations

Despite being small town born and raised in western Canada, I have always had a passion for travel and fashion. While earning my degree in business at the University of Calgary I interned with a well known Canadian fashion designer. My Travels as an Intern exposed me to Fashion weeks in Toronto, NYC as well as throughout Europe. These experiences ignited my love for travel and fashion, so much that I decided to move to Paris. Living in Paris jobless teaches you the importance of looking chic on a budget! This has always stuck with me and through my customer service experience, travel and a belief that you don’t have to pay full retail price to look fabulous shoptheupside.com was born.

Yvonne Zhukrovsky
Retail Manager / Stylist

Spending the last 15 years of my career in luxury retail throughout western Canada I have worked directly with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada and Marni as well as at Canada’s leading luxury department store. Three years ago I made the move to concentrate on working in designer consignment at a traditional bricks and mortar store. It was here that I learned the most about the resale market, what consumers are looking for and accuratley pricing items so they’re fair to the seller and the buyer. People always ask me ‘well how can you tell if an item is fake?’. At shoptheupside.com we have a multi-point system of checking each and every item to ensure its quality and and authenticity, so to answer your question, “It’s all in the details!”

Jill Carlsen
Co-Founder / Client Relations

Growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan the closest I could ever get to designer fashion was the pages of Seventeen magazine. Upon graduating from U of S with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, I followed the migration to Calgary where I had a successful 12 year career in the oil and gas industry.  My interest in business and entrepreneurial spirit led me to complete an MBA at the Haskayne School of Business.  The hustle bustle of the corporate world taught me the importance of looking good, feeling comfortable and choosing clothes that represent your personality. Now, having three small children has reinforced that thinking! With my background in sustainability it is only natural that practicing responsible consumerism is an important part of my life.  Whether that is your personal motivation or it is keeping up with current trends, shoptheupside.com is always the answer.

Ryan McCaffrey
Digital Marketing Director

Over the last 18 years, I’ve had the lucky opportunity to live, and work in some of the most fashion forward cities in the world – New York to London to Tokyo – through my first career as a professional dancer. Being in these cities opened my eyes to another level of fashion I hadn’t experienced before; it was a huge learning experience I loved, and fully embraced. After moving back to my hometown of Calgary and graduating with my Bachelors of Communications, I found a new career in marketing. I worked agency for years and then consulted, as both settings allowed me to stay creative in both work and style. I’m excited to now be working for shoptheupside.com, a company that’s passionate about creating a community of designer resale lovers across Canada.