About The Upside

The Upside is a technology enabled community marketplace for digital resale of women’s clothing, handbags, shoes, fine jewelry, and accessories.

Empowering women to monetize the latent assets in their closets. In the last 12 months, ~70% of an average woman’s closet went relatively unworn.

By 2028 the resale industry will be a $64 billion industry, long outpacing what was fast fashion.

What’s Important to Us

When I started The Upside what was important to me was providing a seamless, rewarding experience for both buyers and sellers along the resale journey. Years later our purpose has evolved – to empower our community of women to feel great by buying better and redefining the lifecycle of designer goods. Purchasing one item secondhand reduces its carbon footprint by up to 80%. It’s all upside!

– Lauryn Vaughn CEO & FOUNDER

Our Model

A Circular Economy
The Solution

A Circular Economy is moving away from the industrial model founded on the linear philosophy of “take, make and dispose.” With the average woman only wearing 20% – 30% of her wardrobe this linear model no longer makes sense. This circular theory aims to redefine economic progress with a focus on the society-wide benefits of decreasing consumption, specifically of finite resources often used to make clothing, textile waste, and by lengthening the lifespan of materials already in cycle. With the fashion industry being the second largest global polluter we can do better!

Quality Over Quantity
Less is More

Specific selection ensures our collection of luxury items have been created with craftsmanship and quality materials by the hands of experts, to withstand the test of time. the upside aims to empower by communicating the benefits of buying better quality over quantity and educating on the true retention value of style. Every item purchased secondhand reduces its carbon footprint by ~80%. Which is huge considering 400% more clothing is made today than 20 years ago.

Collective Rewards
The Upside Community

By engaging as a Seller, Buyer or ideally, BOTH! You become part of a network where rewarding connections are made and designer pieces have a second, third or fourth life. Finding great pieces, keeping your gently loved pieces in circulation and meeting a community along the way really is a win-win for everyone! You can shop with your credits anytime at checkout.