The Upside COVID-19 Precautions

To our Upside Community,

I am writing to share an update as to how we are planning to manage through COVID-19. We realize things are changing rapidly and we will be monitoring and adapting as things change. We are committed to our staff and community, keeping everyone’s safety as our top priority. As of right now these are the precautions we are taking for our staff and clients:

Retail is closed, online shopping OPEN FOR BUSINESS

Free Shipping & Free Returns (on orders over $200)

Drop-Offs by appointment only

Additional Information for Consignors:

1. COVID-19 can live for at least 12 hours on metal surfaces 
All consigned belts or any items that have metal pieces or zippers are wiped down once they are received by our essential site staff.

2. The virus can survive on fabrics for 6 to 12 hours.
Regular laundry detergent will kill the virus on all clothing, so we ask all potential consigners to clean their items before sending them in to be reviewed by our staff. As a precaution, our team will be handling all items with gloves on. We are following all cleaning and disinfect protocol put forth by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at this time.

3. The government has requested that we practice social distancing from this time onward. 
During this time most of The Upside team members are safely working from home. We have essential on-site staff that will continue to process the products and orders in shifts to continue the practice or social distancing.
 While in warehouse all precautions will be taken to ensure sanitization and safety of products and people.

We are doing our utmost to balance what is in the best interests for everyone involved and will continue to do so. We believe that in times like these community, compassion and levity are necessary for our well-being. We will continue to share with you, our community about New Arrivals & Promotions through both our email and social media. We will also be available to chat via phone or email.

Take care & thank you for your continued support during these difficult times.

Lauryn Vaughn

CEO/ Founder

[email protected] 1.844.UPSIDE1